Valley organizations help migrants reunite with family

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - The footage of asylum seekers getting dropped off by the bus on the side of the road begs the question: What's the plan?

That's what two organizations in the Valley, St. Vincent de Paul and the International Rescue Committee, are trying to piece together for these families.

"So, SVD, we're basically handling the hospitality side of things, so all those things to help people feel safe and welcome and the IRC is handling those different logistics and travel logistics to get all those families to their next destination with their family and friends," said Danielle McMahon of St. Vincent de Paul.

Together, SVD and IRC are testing out a day center for these asylum seekers.

It's important to note, all of these individuals have family in the U.S. -- at least one parent and child -- but the challenge is when they're released by the government, they don't have food and water, they don't speak English and many don't have the resources they need to connect to their family members.

"That's what we're doing here today is we're providing a day center where we can provide all of that, make sure they have food, make sure they have a safe spot to stay and that we can connect them with their family, so they can be reunited with their family members in other parts of the country," said Stanford Prescott with IRC.

Coming from Central America, the asylum seekers are escaping intense violence.

"These folks have been through a lot, we have to remember that the real crisis is in Central America, which has some of the highest violence in any country outside of an active war zone," Prescott said.

Providing that safe, welcoming support is what the day camp is all about.

"There is a desire to reunite with their family, a desire to find safety and a desire to just get some basic care, and that's what we're doing here today," Prescott said. "We're connect [sic] those folks to those basic services, while enabling them to connect with their family in other parts of the country."