Valley teen competes for Model of the Year title

A Horizon High School Freshman is spending her summer in "modeling boot camp." She's one of 40 aspiring models competing for Phoenix Fashion Week's "Model of the Year." From the glamorous clothes to the flashing camera lights, many girls dream of life on the runway. And for one Valley teen, those pivots and poses could become a full-time career.

14-year-old Chloe Bauer is competing in Phoenix Fashion Week's "Model of the Year" contest. Growing up, she binge-watched "America's Next Top Model" mimicking supermodel host Tyra Banks.

"I would walk, and I would be like "do you want to be on top?" And sing the song, and it's embarrassing, but it's ok because all little kids do that," said Chloe Bauer.

In June, Chloe took to the runway for the very first time competing with hundreds of Arizonans at a Phoenix Fashion Week casting call. The judges and her mom were blown away.

"I could not believe the confidence. I mean she's never done anything like this before, and she got out there, and she just walked, and it was unbelievable," said Vickie Bauer.

"I was like this is a good feeling you know walking and strutting very fierce, I felt great," said Chloe.

Brenna Moses is the Operations Director for Phoenix Fashion Week. She says the competition teaches aspiring models how to navigate the business.

"Once you make it in the top 40 they're the hot commodity around town. Everyone wants to work with them, so we're really teaching them to build their portfolio, become a brand, be professional, and how to act at castings," said Brenna Moses.

For four months, every "Top 40" model participates in boot camp; learning to walk the runway, pose for photos, and interview with agencies. They compete in a series of challenges, and the winner becomes 2016's "Model of the Year."

The top 40 models made their debut at Livewire, in August they'll compete in a runway competition.

"I'm not gonna lie. Middle school was hard. She got teased for her body shape because she's so slender. Now that someone's embracing her look I think that's what gives her the confidence to be who she is," said Vickie.

This October, all top 40 models will walk in Phoenix Fashion Week. Whoever is named "Model of the Year," will win a contract with The Agency Arizona, a pivotal first step into the world of high fashion.

"I think that if I were a model, I would go and like prove that you don't always have to be a certain stereotype to be a model. You don't always have to have blonde hair; you don't have to have tan skin like you can be who you are and still be beautiful," said Chloe.

Phoenix Fashion Week will be held October 12-15 at Talking Stick Resort. That's when Chloe will find out if she won the competition. Chloe says if modeling doesn't work out, she'd like to be a professional soccer player.