Voter caravan travels to Downtown Phoenix to drop off election ballots

With just weeks to go before Election Day, a caravan of voters cast their ballots on Oct. 10.

People who took part in the "Parade to the Polls" gathered on Lincoln Drive in Paradise Valley. Cars and trucks that took part were decorated with messages, as well as signs and American flags. The caravan travelled to the Maricopa County Recorder's Office in Downtown Phoenix to drop off their ballots in the dropbox there.

Participants say the ride brought energy and excitement to early voting, which has already begun in Arizona.

"We need to honor and respect and enjoy and celebrate our privilege of voting, and make sure people know that they have an option. They have a voice, and when we gather, we feel each other’s energy, and we can bring it all the way to the polls," said Miriam Lerma.

"Any time you have people that are excited to vote, it’s exciting. I've been a lifelong Republican, and I’m excited to come out and vote the Biden-Harris ticket today, just because I know that they support health care for all persons. They will help protect the protections for people with preexisting conditions, and they will select people who support a woman’s right to choose," said Bea Wyatt.

More than two million ballots have been mailed out to voters in Maricopa County. Meanwhile, officials with the Maricopa County Recorder's Office say more than 8,000 people voted in person during the first two days of early voting.

Vote centers in Maricopa County will reopen on Oct. 12. There is a 24-hour dropbox location in Downtown Phoenix, located on 3rd Avenue near Lincoln.