Why is Phoenix the place for music stars to start their tour?

On Monday, it was revealed that singer Kesha and rapper Macklemore are coming to the Valley, kicking off "Adventures" tour at the Ak-Chin Pavilion in June.

The announcement came, just weeks after singer Taylor Swift's big announcement that she, too, will be kicking off her 2018 tour in the Valley.

Kesha, Macklemore, and Taylor Swift are but just the latest big names who have decided to start their concert tours in Arizona. So, what's behind big acts migrating to Arizona?

According to a longtime concert promoter, this is something artists have been doing for years, and won't be the last either.

"It's fun to be in this spot, as opposed to LA, because you're getting them when they're all into it, and not all burned out, like, 60 days later. They're like, 'man, I want to go home,'" said said Danny Zelisko.

Zelisko said many artist start in any city other than LA or New York.

"For concerts, when you open up a tour, you don't want to be in front of the whole world," said Zelisko. "You want to get it right, so they'll come here, then to Albuquerque. They'll go to Denver. They'll sweep around to Seattle, sweep down to San Francisco, and then kill it in LA."

In Phoenix, these major acts also have more privacy, and can focus on the tour.

"It's also more laid back, and all of their crazy friends, give me tickets and all the pressure like that too, it's personal," said Zelisko. "So here, they're isolated and they can think about their game."

Zelisko said in the Valley, there is a great choice of venues in all different sizes, which is a major draw for these acts. In some cases, they can rent out the venue weeks in advance to rehearse.