Woman comes face to face with bank robbery suspects hiding in her backyard

There are new details surrounding a deadly police chase that stretched from Avondale to Tempe and ended with an officer-involved shooting.

SkyFOX was over the scene as the pursuit came to an end. Police used a pit maneuver to box in the driver, Steven Del Rio.

Police say Del Rio pointed a gun at the officers and that's when they opened fire, killing him.

We're also learning new information about the two bank robbery suspects who police say bailed out of the SUV during the chase. According to court paperwork, it was Sergio Escobedo who fired at Avondale Police officers at the start of the pursuit. It's believed he bailed out of the SUV near 51st Avenue and Osborn.

A second suspect, Ruben Rodriguez, bailed near 65th Avenue and Thomas, where police say he tried to break into a home to escape.

Both of those suspects are behind bars at the 4th Avenue Jail in Phoenix.

According to court paperwork, one of the suspects, Rodriguez, jumped out of the vehicle, then jumped over a fence and into the backyard of a valley woman who says she panicked when he pointed a gun at her through a window.

"It was scary," said the woman, who was still visibly shaken after coming face to face with one of the suspected bank robbers.

She says she was inside her home when she heard three loud knocks on her back window.

According to police records, after the three men robbed the Credit Union West location in Avondale, they took off in a black SUV. Officers were on their tail.

Authorities say one of the suspects, Sergio Escobedo, began shooting at police from the backseat of the vehicle. Police say both men ran from the SUV at different locations and Rodriguez ended up in the backyard near 65th Avenue and Thomas.

By the time the woman called 9-1-1, police were already surrounding her home.

"I run to the police and the police is here and I say help me, help me.. the guy is in the backyard.. can you help me? And he says it's okay, you're safe."

It's a day she won't soon forget.

"Yesterday changed my life."

Rodriguez told police he needed money to "pay for a drug debt."

Rodriguez and Escobedo are facing serious charges, including armed robbery with a deadly weapon. They'll be in court next week.