World's largest UFO conference comes to the valley

It's a place where thousands of extra terrestrial enthusiasts gather every year.

People from all over come to the International UFO Congress, to not only admire the trinkets and the books, but also to share their different experiences.

Sound crazy? Not to Stanton Friedman, the original investigator of the Roswell incident.

"Most people don't know how common UFO sightings are," he said.

He also says that one can easily be found at events like this.

Also at the event was Keith Arem, who's an Arizona native and first-time director of something that thousands of people in the valley are familiar with: The Phoenix Lights.

He's screening his docu-thriller called The Phoenix Incident at the conference, which is just one of many out of this world experiences at the event.

So all you believers out there can catch the UFO conference at the We-Ko-Pa Resort and Conference Center until Sunday.