18-year-old who died in motorcycle accident gave 7 people a new chance at life

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- On Friday, students at a Valley school commemorated the life of one of their fellow classmate.

Conner Johnson was killed in a motorcycle crash, but out of the tragedy came some positive near, as a number of people got a second chance at life, because of Johnson. The 18-year-old was a senior at AAEC High School at the Estrella Mountain campus. Leaders at the high school got emotional when talking about Johnson and all the great things he's done.

"I love these guys, and it's just hard when you're impacted in this kind of way," said AAEC High School - Estrella Mountain Campus principal Dale Nicol.

Johnson's friends said he gave back, did a lot of volunteer work, and was driving home on his motorcycle late at night from work in March when he was struck.

"Thing I'm most proud of is that I heard that he had done everything, is going the speed limit," said AAEC High School - Estrella Mountain Campus assistant principal Danielle Jurgens. "He was wearing protective gear."

His death such a tragic loss for this tight-knit school, a school with only 95 students in the graduating class.

"He was just this adventurous kid. Him and I did a lot of swimming together, so we took a lot of risks for sure there. He loved his motorcycle, love skateboarding he wasn't afraid to try new things," said Johnson's friend, Sarah Wilson.

Johnson was also a great listener.

"Conner was eccentric and lit up the room whenever he was in it always positive. Making sure that people knew he was listening," said Johnson's friend, Cameron Decker.

Even after death, Johnson continues to give back.

"He donated seven organs and saved seven other lives, so even he continued to give on," said Jurgens.

GoFundMe for Conner Johnson's medical expenses