$1M bond for Russian man arrested in fatal Phoenix shooting

Family and friends of 22-year-old Shayley Estes setup a memorial at the home where she was brutally murdered. Police say she was shot at least six times by the man she had recently broken up with.

They have an emotional message for her alleged intruder.

"To Igor, you're every parent's worst nightmare, you're a monster that no parent would want her daughter with," said Katherine Hazard.

It's a tearful message to 26-year-old Igor Zubko who police say murdered 22-year-old Shayley Estes. Shayley had obtained a restraining order against him two weeks ago, but that didn't stop him from going to her house, and lying in wait.

Friends say Estes was a renter and had reached out to her landlord since Zubko had a key to the home.

"She asked for locks to be changed because of the restraining order because he threatened to kill her, so why wasn't it done," said Hazard.

According to court documents, Zubko shot Estes six times as she tried to get away. He then left the house and bought a one-way ticket from Phoenix to San Francisco. Police caught him at Sky Harbor Airport.

Domestic violent advocates in some cases say getting at restraining order could escalate a violent relationship.

"It may not be physical protection, but it is legal protection... if they show up at your home or office you just have to notify the police that you have the standing order of protection, then there's no questions, you don't have to go into detail, they will just come over right away as opposed to going through all the ABC's of why they should be there," said Patricia Klahr.

Family friends say Estes did what she could to protect herself, now they hope Zubkov will be held accountable.

"Now that Shayley is gone her voice is shattered into the crime you have committed, and justice will be served," said Hazard.

"Even though you may have taken someone special away from us, our love for her will never die, and that is something you cannot take away from us," said Garrett Kunz.

Zubko is a Russian national, he now faces first-degree murder, kidnapping, and burglary charges.

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