3-year-old fighting for her life after being struck by Phoenix police car

A 3-year-old girl is still fighting for her life, one week after she was hit and dragged by a Phoenix Police car after buying an treat from an ice cream truck vendor.

As police continue to investigate this tragic accident, 3-year-old Vanessa remains hospitalized in a medically-induced sleep state. She is suffering from major head and brain injuries.

On Tuesday, her parents and attorneys shared the pain of what they're going through.

"Vanessa was dragged under the police cruiser, while her head and side of her face were scraped against the asphalt," said Marc Lamber, Vanessa's family's attorney. "While she laid in the pavement, her mother, 10-year-old brother and 7-year-old sister came to her side. Suffice to say, these are images they will never forget."

Vanessa had to undergo surgery to remove portions of her skull and cranium to relieve brain swelling. The accident happened one week ago in front of Vanessa's home near 57th Avenue and Camelback.

Vanessa had just purchased an item from the ice cream truck. Police say the girl darted across the street toward her home and the officer simply didn't see her until it was too late.

Attorneys insisted Vanessa did not run or dart into the street, but could not specify exactly how the 3-year-old ended up in the middle of the street by herself.

Attorneys say they are doing their own separate investigation.

"I want to appreciate everybody that is praying for my daughter, for my family, so she can get better," Vanessa's father said. "Thank you everybody."

Phoenix Police say they are not commenting on the new information released by Vanessa's attorneys. They say a 35-year-old female officer was behind the wheel of the cruiser when the collision happened and that she's devastated about the accident. The officer's name has not been released.

Meanwhile, attorneys have setup a website and GoFundMe page for those interested: https://lambergoodnow.com/vanessa