ADOT looking at ways to alleviate I-10 traffic congestion

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- People who commute on the Interstate 10 during rush hour will know it can sometimes be a traffic nightmare. Arizona Department of Transportation officials are looking at ways to alleviate traffic in one particularly busy section that travels through Phoenix, Tempe, Guadalupe, and Chandler.

The section of I-10 from the Broadway Curve to Ray Road is one of the most congested areas of traffic in the state, which is why ADOT is trying to come up with a plan that would help alleviate some issues.

"It's getting worse and worse every year," said one person.

"It's really, really busy," said another person.

"40 percent of Valley traffic passes through this on a daily basis," said ADOT Spokesperson Dustin Krugel. "It's essentially like the backbone of the freeway system."

ADOT knows it's an issue, and that's why they're ready to look for solutions...

"This is the culmination of several studies that were started over a decade ago," said Krugel.

ADOT officials have come up with several options, including widening the freeway in some areas to add additional lanes, adding a second HOV lane, or adding something called a "Collector-Distributor Road".

"We've had dedicated roadways that would run parallel to I-10 that would take some of the traffic away from the main line, and that really should help improve the traffic flow through that area," said Krugel.

ADOT officials say construction could begin as soon as 2021, pending an environmental impact study.

ADOT Transportation Study on the I-10