Ambulance honoring Valley veterans targeted by vandals

Vandals damaged a vehicle used by a Valley business owner.

The vehicle was an ambulance that had been wrapped in a design to honor military veterans.

"It was a very stupid move. It was very inconsiderate and thoughtless," said Trindy Currier, owner of Emergency Medical Veterans Response.

Trindy Currier is an army veteran and the owner of Emergency Medical Veterans Response. His company provides medical services at big events like concerts and sports games.

"A lot of us are firefighter,s a lot of are veterans so it's kind of like having 911 on site."

Thursday night Currier says his company's firetruck was vandalized in the parking lot of a shopping center near 67th Avenue and Deer Valley Road.

It appears someone used a torch to burn off and the wrap covering the firetruck.

"There's a lot of different emotions going on right now. I've got the anger, I've got the sadness, I've got the where do we go from here."

Fixing the damage will not be cheap. The entire truck will have to be re-wrapped, the cost around $5,500.

But for Currier the loss is not just about the money.

"My daughter texted me this morning telling me she was in tears. My wife, my mom, my sister, everyone that knows what we've done to get to where we're at."

"We dedicated to helping strangers and as EMS personnel and to be there for people when they are at their worse why would you target an ambulance"?

Currier is checking with business owners in the area hoping the suspects were caught on camera.

A local company called Desert Signs has offered to design and cover the costs of a new wrap for the ambulance.