As complaints mount, some are calling for a ban on consumer fireworks in Arizona

For Arizonans, the winter fireworks season is officially over.

According to state law, the use of permissible fireworks, as defined by state law, is only allowed from May 4 to May 6, from Jul. 24 to Jul. 6, and from Dec. 24 to Jan. 3 the following year.

This year, complaints have skyrocketed about the illegal use of fireworks by consumers.

"We’ll hear the loud booms it will be enough to rattle our windows," said Jennifer Jersey.

Frightened animals, traumatized vets with PTSD, and people who suffer from breathing problems made worse from fireworks smoke are just some of the complaints Phoenix City Councilmember Debra Stark said she has been receiving.

"Every year, we get complaints. I'm sure every district gets complaints. I'm sure this year was worse because of COVID," said Councilmember Stark, who represents District 3, which covers a portion of North Phoenix.

Now, there is a petition that is circulating on the website that aims to ban fireworks. Councilmember Stark says she hopes it goes somewhere, but it’s the Arizona State Legislature that will have to make changes to the current law, not the city.

"We've done everything we can do in our ordinance, and it's very difficult to enforce. By the time police arrive, they're gone," said Councilmember Stark. "It's very problematic for us. I think the state needs to look at it. Perhaps look at a statewide ban."

Councilmember Stark is talking to state legislators who she says are getting the same complaints from residents about illegal fireworks, and may be willing to act this year.

Fireworks information for the City of Phoenix

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