ASU employee helped paint field for Super Bowl LIV

A Valley man and Arizona State University alum will have his hard work on display during Super Bowl LIV.

"I've been working with ASU for 34 football seasons, I started as a student," said Pete Wozniak, ASU employee painting field in Miami. 

ASU is where Pete Wozniak's story starts. 

"Once I graduated, a job opened up and to do something you love, to be working at ASU, it's a great opportunity," said Wozniak. 

Wozniak is in charge of painting the field, a responsibility that led to an awesome opportunity. 

"I was fortunate enough to be here when Super Bowl XXX was here at the stadium and George Thomas asked us, asked me and Brian, to be part of the crew next Super Bowl and we kind of gave a 'yeah right we'll never see the guy again' and then that summer got the call to go to Monterrey, Mexico and work a game and went to New Orleans the next year and we continued to keep on working earning our way onto the crew," explained Wozniak. 

Super Bowl LIV will be his 22nd time working the big game.

"We prepare the field, the stadium field, the practice field, the rehearsal fields and all those kinds of things," says Wozniak.

Wozniak says the crew works 10 to 12-hour days, and no two fields or Super Bowls have been alike. 

"Artificial turf versus grass inside versus outside in New York with the snow was memorable," recalled Wozniak. "Minnesota was cold, but we were inside, but we had to get from outside to inside."

His heart will always be here on the turf inside Sun Devil Stadium, and the adventures, says Wozniak, make him grateful.

"I don't take it for granted, but it's a great opportunity, I just hope it keeps continuing," says Wozniak. 

Wozniak says all the designs are laid out using a grid then they color in between the lines, and everything has to be approved before it's painted.