ASU student helps women veterans

An Arizona State University student is giving back to America's veterans. Michelle Bravo started a clothing business with the help of an ASU student entrepreneur program, but she's not the only one benefiting from her company.

"I have always been a t-shirt kind of gal," said Maj. Michelle Bravo. Army Major Michelle Bravo is the owner of I Rock the Boots, making tough, but feminine t-shirts supporting women in the military. "A lot of t-shirts that manufacturers are making that are scantily dressed women with bandoleers of ammo trapped on them and kind of objectifies us and I decided that I wanted to do something about that and solve that problem and really embrace the strength and yet femininity of women in the military."

The venture was one of twenty chosen by the ASU student entrepreneur program in 2014. "It is a program that ASU actually helps you go through the business planning process, it gives you funding to help you start your business," she said.

The proceeds from sales go to help homeless women veterans.

"With my retirement coming up, and my transition to civilian life I want to continue my selfless service and give back," said Bravo.

Right now Maj. Bravo works out of her basement not making just t-shirts but onesies. She hopes to expand to making men's shirts where everyone can "Rock the Boots."

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