Avondale man accused of shooting stepfather

A 20-year-old Avondale man is behind bars after police say he got into an argument with his stepfather and tried to kill him.

According to court paperwork, David Posey got into a fight with his stepdad on Saturday at their home near Central Avenue and Mountain Drive.

After the argument, Posey punched a window as he was leaving the home, with the broken glass injuring a 4-year-old child.

Posey then got into a car and sped away. His stepfather also left the house, and as the two cars passed each other, Posey fired gunshots at his stepfather's car.

David Posey (file)

The second gunshot struck the stepfather in the arm and he was able to drive home and call police.

Posey is now facing several charges, including attempted murder and drive-by shooting.