Bail bondsman speaks out after his encounter with Cathryn Gorospe

A bail bondsman who was with Cathryn Gorospe just hours before she walked into a Coconino County Jail to post bail for her boyfriend is speaking out on his encounter.

On Tuesday, Flagstaff Police said remains found in Mayer are believed to belong to Gorospe. Gorospe had been missing since October 6.

Tom Watson of Rose's Bail Bonds said he spent several hours with Gorospe in the Flagstaff jail parking lot, as they waited for Charlie Malzahn's release. Gorospe reportedly confided in him about her feelings, and the plan she had to help Malzahn, and help him get clean.

Sadly, 48 hours after Gorospe bailed Malzahn out, Gorospe would be dead, and Malzahn would be back behind bars in Phoenix.

"She was so nice, and just innocent," said Watson, in a phone interview. "She was very approachable, easy to talk to. Very nice lady."

Watson said Gorospe had been in touch with him for six weeks, asking questions and debating whether or not to bail Malzahn out of jail. Malzahn, 27, has a long criminal rap sheet, and he was locked up for car theft and a gun charge.

"When she told me she only known him about a month, I said, 'are you sure you want to go on the hook for $20,000 you barely know?'" said Watson.

Watson said he was able to talk Gorospe out of it twice, but ultimately, Gorospe went through with it and submitted the money for the $20,000 bond. Watson waited with her for several hours in the jail parking lot, each in their own cars, awaiting Malzahn's release.

Watson asked Gorospe why she was doing this for him.

"She got out of the car, walked over, and said, 'Tom, I thought a lot about what you said, and the reason why I'm getting him out is that I really do love him,'" said Watson.

Gorospe reportedly planned to get Malzahn into rehab and get him a job, and she reportedly thought Malzahn was on board. When Malzahn walked out of jail, the couple hugged and drove off. Watson said he did not seeing any sign of the murder to come.

"She was just wonderful," said Watson. "She was really just trying to save a person."

Instead, the man Gorospe tried to save allegedly took her life, and allegedly dumped her body. Malzahn will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars, if he is convicted of Gorospe's murder.