Bee attack sends four to the hospital

A vicious bee attack in Gilbert sent several people to the hospital after being stung dozens of times.

A firefighter and a 2-year-old boy are among the victims.

The bees attacked a total of six people, four of which went to the hospital.

FOX 10 spoke with the youngest victim 2-year-old Isaac, his entire body was covered in bees when he was rescued.

"He's got it all over his face, he's even got bruising," said Chloe Blackman.

Isaac got an early lesson about pain and the bees, a swarm stung him nearly 100 times.

Some of the bees still remain near the now broken hive near Pecos and Higley Road. It's unclear what started the attack and if the bees are Africanized.

The bees also stung Isaac's mom as she loaded her son in the van.

"My son was covered, I couldn't see anything but his eyes, and they were attacking my head and my sister's head," said Blackman.

The family escaped into a neighbor's house, responding Gilbert firefighters had to go through a backyard just to get to the family.

"There was just way too many bees, the last thing we want to do is get someone to the front door, open it, and let all the bees inside the house," said Deputy Chief Mike Conner.

Gilbert Fire sent out a reverse 911 to the community, telling residents to stay indoors. The bees were so aggressive that they dug their way under a firefighters suit.

"He had a bee hood on, and they got under there, and he took 40-50 stings to his face and neck," said Conner.

In total four people were taken to the hospital, and though the vicious bees caused a lot of swelling, no one was seriously hurt.

"This is his first time getting stung by bees, I didn't know if he was allergic, I don't think I would have been stung myself," said Blackman.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says if you're attacked by bees run away as fast as you can for as long as you can. They also suggest trying to cover your face and to not swat at the bees, crushing them emits a smell that will attract more bees.