Blackout tattoos rise in popularity

Tattoos are a colorful way to tell a story, and show your personality.

Nowadays, however, some tattoo lovers are turning away from color.

They are getting the so-called "Blackout Tattoos" - tattoos with a solid black designs on a large part of the body. For tattoo artists like Tyson Weed, he is definitely noticing that more people are opting for Blackout Tattoos.

"Either they really fancy that style, or it could be for cover up purposes," said Weed, who has been inking clients for seven years.

Kylie Jenkins opted for a Blackout Tattoo herself, to cover up some flowers that have gone wrong. She could have covered up the flowers with another traditional design, but she asked Weed for some dark art.

"It is more popular over here because it is more like a traditional, almost tribal, but, this is like a new twist on tribal," said Jenkins.

Blackout Tattoos are also gaining traction because of the high cost of laser tattoo removal. Blackouts are faster, and sometimes cheaper. In addition, Blackout Tattoos are the easiest to remove, even though it could take about 15 sessions.