Bodies found in Fountain Hills home connected to serial murders

Police say the man suspected of killing a prominent forensic psychiatrist, two paralegals and a marriage counselor in the Phoenix area over the last several days is now linked to two other slayings.

Authorities say they believe 56-year-old Dwight Lamon Jones also killed a man and a woman whose bodies were discovered Monday in the Phoenix suburb of Fountain Hills. On Monday night, Scottsdale Police officials identify the man as Bryon Thomas, 72, and the woman as Mary Simmons, 70.

Earlier on Monday, MCSO officials say an investigation is ongoing at a home, in the area of Kit Fox Place in Fountain Hills.


Police say the killings began Thursday with Steven Pitt, a forensic psychiatrist who assisted in the JonBenet Ramsey mystery in Colorado and a notorious Phoenix serial killer investigation. Authorities also connected the murders of Valeria Sharp, Laira Anderson, and Marshall Levine to Pitt's killing.

At this time, Scottsdale Police is still trying to figure out the link between the two victims and Jones. Meanwhile, people living in the area are on edge.

"I said somethings happened, something terrible has happened," said Thomas Kosmitis, who is still trying to come to terms with the murders of his next door neighbors.

"My wife came in the bedroom and said that something's up," said Kosmitis. "The sheriff came to the door and asked for the telephone of the neighbors next door."

Scottsdale Police officials say they had information that Jones was at a house in Fountain Hills. They had MCSO come over to check on the individuals, and when they didn't answer the door, deputies took a ladder, peered into the house, and saw a man dead. When the entered the house, they found a female, also deceased.

Kosmitis was visibly upset over the whole ordeal.

"They were pretty good neighbors and that's the part we're going to miss," said Kosmitis.