Calls for $20 million to build bridge over Tonto Basin following deaths of 3 children

State lawmakers are introducing a bill to pay for a bridge over the Tonto Basin.

The bill comes after three children were killed when a family tried to cross the basin in November. The body of the third person, six-year-old Willa Rawlings, was found after a nearly two-week search.

Lawmakers are asking for $20 million for bridge construction.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, there are louder calls for the bridge. Unfortunately, it all comes down to money.

The new bill could be the push for a 1,900-feet, east to west bridge that's been in the works for nearly 20 years. Lawmakers who represent areas in the Tonto Basin area say the bridge is imperative for those who live on the other side who are often times stranded for weeks or months.