Calls mount for audit of Kelli Ward's reelection as Arizona GOP chair

The chair of the Arizona Republican Party, Kelli Ward, has been known for her calls for an audit of votes after President Joe Biden won Arizona during the November 2020 presidential election. She is also known for her promotion of baseless theories of electoral fraud during the November election.

Now, Ward is facing calls for an audit of her re-election as the party's chair.

Ward won re-election by just over 40 votes, and now, her challenger, along with several other GOP members, are calling for an audit.

"There was a lot lacking in terms of protocol and security of ballots, blank ballots, questions on what the controls were," said Kathy Petsas, the Republican Chairperson for Legislative District 28.

Petsas, who attended the Arizona GOP meeting on Jan. 23, says the election procedure and security was lax.

"We’ll file this one under the ultimate irony," said political consultant Barrett Marson. "I certainly don’t see a problem auditing this small vote. After all, Maricopa County right now is going through an audit of its machines."

"If you’re willing to dish out criticism, you need to be able to accept it yourself," said Petsas. "It is interesting we’re talking about the very same principle. It’s down to election integrity."

Tucson business owner Sergio Arellano, who conceded to Ward, issued a statement on social media. The statement reads, in part:

"I fully expect any audit to confirm the results that were announced at the state meeting. I anticipate the state GOP will do a solid job here, and provide election officials around the state with an example of how to conduct a timely audit and how important ballot security and paper backups are."

Ward has been unusually silent on social media in recent days. FOX 10 has made several attempts to contact officials with the Arizona GOP and Ward for the story, but our messages were not returned.

In addition, there's no confirmation yet on if and when an audit of the Arizona GOP election will happen.