Chandler kids brave the heat on first day back to school

CHANDLER, Ariz. (KSAZ) - As the summer winds down, the kids are headed back to school in Chandler, and one thing students were probably not ready for is a very hot first day.

"In the mutt of them being in school, it's too hot to do anything else and we have this great invention called air conditioning," Terry Locke said.

The school district is no stranger to the Valley's temperatures, which is why the Chandler Unified School District has a plan in place for excessive heat warnings, like today.

"We look at the temperature plus the humidity and give guidelines for all our schools to follow and to really minimize outdoor activity when it gets really hot like today," Locke said.

Triple-digit temperatures may have kept the kids indoors during recess, but parents say the kids were ready to get back into their routine regardless of the heat.

"You get in our groove during the year and then you get in a different groove in the summer and so you know, it's time to start a new one... it was time!" Lauren Fineforck said. "I think they were ready to go back, which makes it easier on mom and dad."

But parents couldn't resist a first day back photo-op before bringing the kids inside to a cooler classroom.