Community gift-wrapping party with Children's Cancer Network

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KSAZ) - It's the most wonderful time of the year, but for families dealing with pediatric cancer, it can still be just as stressful.

That's why volunteers from all over the Valley come to help ease the burden of holiday gifts through Children's Cancer Network.

"The energy is just unbelievable in the room, it's just the start of the holidays and everybody's excited and just joyful that they were able to shop for these families and provide a little bit of relief," said Julie Hein with Children's Cancer Network.

In place of elves, more than 100 adults and children volunteers are wrapping gifts for families impacted by pediatric cancer.

While dealing with so much, holiday shopping can fall by the wayside, so to make sure everyone has something waiting for them under the tree, volunteers step in to adopt a family and check off their wishlist.

Just ask the Shockleys.

"We've been wanting to help out in a different way and this is one way we can help out and this will make them feel good as well," said Charles Shockley, volunteer.

Charles, his wife Michelle and their two boys have been volunteers for the past three years, after being on the receiving end of the Network's holiday surprises program when their eldest son Grayson was going through chemotherapy.

"You saw a good side of people where people wanted to help, a whole brighter side that you don't normally see in people," said Shockley.

Charles said above all it made their family feel less alone.

"You didn't feel like you were the only ones out there you didn't feel alone, you actually felt the support and that people really wanted to be there," said Shockley.

Grayson, now with a clean bill of health, agrees, he wants to help others feel supported especially during the holidays.

"Giving them the joy that they need to you know keep going it just feels good," said Grayson.