COVID-19 antibody tests given to blood donors during blood drive in Mesa

Officials with Citalant say they are critically low for blood, especially with the July 4th holiday coming up, and it has already been a tough time of the year for blood drives.

In Mesa on Tuesday morning, donors waited patiently to give blood, with some saying it's a good cause, and that it is the right thing to do.

Vitalant and All Aboard America organized the blood drive that took place at the Holiday Inn in Mesa, and donors are also given antibody testing for COVID-19. Some of the donors say they were there specifically for the antibody test.

The large turnout for the donations is welcomed with open arms.

"There is less than a two-day supply of blood. We are always excited when someone comes in with O-Negative," said Chris Moulton with All Aboard America.

Vitalant says from march to May, organizations have cancelled 566 blood drives, resulting in 17,000 fewer donations. When elective surgeries started back up in May. the need for blood skyrocketed. Officials say the turnout for Tuesday's blood drive will save lives.