Disturbing plot Superior woman allegedly came up with to blame kids' death on others revealed

New details have been revealed, surrounding the investigation into the deaths of two babies in Superior.

The victims' mother, 20-year-old Brittany Velasquez, is accused of killing them. Velasquez, who is facing murder and child abuse charges, remains behind bars. Meanwhile, search warrants reveal the disturbing plot Velasquez allegedly came up with, to blame the deaths on her own grandparents.

Investigators searched her car, her apartment, her grandparents' house, cell phone, even her Facebook account, and the evidence they found, doesn't match up with Velasquez's story. Pinal County Sheriff's investigators executed at least seven search warrant in connection to the murders of 10-month-old brooklyn and two-year-old Christopher.

Velasquez, on her Facebook profile, paints herself as a proud mother. According to warrants, however, she was tired of dealing with her kids, and killed them.

The morning of March 26, Velasquez drove off with the children. Soon after, she returned to her grandparents' house, moved the kids into the their car, and left them there for more than 12 hours. Later that night, Velasquez allegedly brought the bodies into the house, and blamed her grandparents.

The preliminary cause of death for the two children are dehydration and exposure.

Family members say they are in regular contact with Velasquez, and she asks them about her notoriety. She has reportedly asked about what people are saying about her on social media, and they say she would gladly give FOX 10 Phoenix an on camera interview.

Velasquez's attorney, however, is refusing all interviews.

Velasquez reportedly told police she dropped the kids off to a friend's house before work, and the grandparents picked them up. Police contacted the friend, who denied watching the kids. The friend told police she helped Velasquez move out of her Mesa apartment the day before the deaths, and said the children lived in filthy conditions, with dirty diapers on the floor, garbage cans overflowing, and bugs all over.

DCS visited that apartment in January to look into child neglect claims. The case was closed, after the investigator found no evidence of neglect.

Meanwhile, the funeral for the two children are set for April 7, at the St. Francis of Assisi Church in Superior. The funeral will be open to the public, and family members say the babies will be laid to rest together, in the same casket.