Even healthy people are noticing effects of poor air quality

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- A pollution advisory was issued for the Valley on Tuesday, because pollution levels exceed the federal health standard for air quality. For some, that makes it difficult to breathe outside.

Bad air can be detrimental to some who have lung issues, but healthy people may be starting to feel the effects of our bad air as well. Some people may experience, congestion, irritated eyes and throat.
It's a lot to breath in day after day, and while most healthy people can deal with it, this unhealthy air with particulates, smoke remnants, and ozone, can start taking a toll.

"It impacts everybody, and some people's bodies notice it a little bit more, so we're all breathing it in," said naturopathic physician Dr. Lauren Glenn.

In fact, we've been breathing it in for a while. The Maricopa County Air Quality Department says since July 9, Maricopa County has had an air quality pollution alert every day.

That's 31 consecutive days.

Dr. Glenn says some healthy people night notice a difference.

"Other people, also healthy, might notice 'oh I've got some chest tightness, a little harder time catching my breath', even though they don't have a diagnosis of asthma or allergy," said Dr. Glenn. "Some people are going to be more sensitive."

So, what to do about it? Dr. Glenn said if you work out, you might consider doing it indoors. She warns over the counter allergy medication just mask symptoms, but says may be okay for the short term.

"It depends on how long we've got this situation floating around," said Dr. Glenn. "If its just a day or two, take an antihistamine right, but if its going to be going on for weeks or months, we might want to start thinking about building the body back up and being more protective."

For Dr. Glenn, that means things like antioxidants, such as eating a healthy diet rich in antioxidants on our part.

On Mother Nature's part, a good rain would clear things up beautifully.