Family searching for special wheelchair following shipping mishap

A Gilbert family is asking for help in finding their son's wheelchair.

The wheelchair is made specifically for kids with Spina Bifida. The maker of the chair sent it to the wrong address, the carrier says it was delivered, but the wheelchair is nowhere to be found.

Five-year-old Parker Canter uses the special set of wheels when he is at home, which allows him to move around the house, and play independently. His parents sent the wheelchair to the manufacturer for repairs, but there was a mix-up in the return delivery process.

Now, no one knows where the wheelchair is.

"We looked in the whole neighborhood," said Parker.

The wheelchair is called a ZipZac. Parker has been using his, since he was 18 months old.

"Our biggest goal for him is to be independent, and the ZipZac is a wonderful way for him in our home to be independent," said Randa Canter, Parker's mother.

Parker's parents sent the ZipZac away for repairs. The manufacturer fixed it, but sent it to their former address in Gilbert. The carrier claims the packaged ZipZac was left on the doorstep, but the people who live at the Canter's former house now said they don't have it, and never saw it.

The Canters are actively looking for it. They have posted fliers and even went door to door in their old neighborhood, asking if anyone has seen it. The Canters hopes their search hasn't hit a wall.

"I know it's out there somewhere," said Randa. "It didn't just disappear, so we're hoping to just spread the word, so it can be found."

The chair costs more than a couple of thousand dollars, so it is not cheap to replace. The wheelchair was delivered to a home off Guadalupe and Power Roads in Gilbert. If anyone has seen it, the family asks that it be returned.