Former Hacienda supervisor believes suspect in rape is "likely" a staff member

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- As a sexual assault investigation into how a woman in vegetative state at Hacienda HealthCare gave birth to a child continues, a former supervisor who worked at the facility for 12 years believe the rapist was likely a staff member.

The facility has been the focus on international media attention, since a child was born to a woman in vegetative state at the facility late December. The woman has been identified as a 29-year-old enrolled member of the San Carlos Apache tribe.

Security is now highly visible at the epicenter of some of the most shocking allegations. After two weeks of media frenzy, officers have begun to get more aggressive in protecting patient privacy.

"They wanted me to ask you to respectful of them," said one security officer to FOX 10's Nicole Garcia.

A former employee of the facility says security was not as tight while she worked there. She described it as lax.

"There was never any type of security when I was there," said Marla Kica. "The part of the building she was in was very dilapidated, so a security camera or anything like that, it wouldn't support that."

Kica says she's seen the victim at the center of the rape investigation during her employment between the years 1999 and 2011. She was fired after 12 years. The victim's room, she says, was in an older section of the complex, but not just anyone could find their way around.

"If you walk into the back part of the building and you don't know where you are, you'll get turned around," said Kica. "It had to be someone who knew how to maneuver through those hallways and doorways in order to get in and out, so that, to me, tells me it was and employee, unfortunately."

No suspect has been identified in the case.

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