Game and Fish crews rescue beaver from Tempe Town Lake

A beaver spotted swimming in Tempe Town Lake has been rescued. Photos provided by John Morey this morning show Arizona Game and Fish workers using a net to scoop the beaver out of the water.

Usually beavers will put up a fight, but the fact he was captured so easily is not a good sign for its health.

The beaver was loaded into a crate and taken to the Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Video provided by Game and Fish shows the Beaver lethargic and officials say he was dehydrated.

"Just because he wasn't feel well, so I didn't want to do anything that would compromise his breathing or heart rate," said a veterinarian at the center.

They checked out his heart rate and performed several tests on him to try and figure out if there is something wrong with the beaver.

Beavers are native to the Salt River, but they're not supposed to be in Tempe Town Lake, and definitely not in the construction area of the new dam.

They plan to nurse the beaver back to health before releasing it back into the wild.