Gilbert deli giving employment opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities

Not Your Typical Deli in Gilbert opened its doors several years ago with a special purpose in mind and business is booming. 

Tables are always busy, the case is always full of sweet treats and the staff at Not Your Typical Deli in Gilbert is always working hard. 

"When these guys walk into my doors in the morning they're proud to be here, they want to be here, they work hard, they're consistent on everything they do, they take so much pride in doing their jobs, they're never late, there's never any drama, it's amazing," said Chef W. Rieth. 

Chef W. Rieth started Not Your Typical Deli in 2016, he says, to battle the unemployment rate among adults with developmental disabilities," said Rieth. 

"I did culinary classes for a number of years in the autism community and I saw that the more I learned about autism the more I saw was this focus that these guys had and their consistency," said Rieth. "Nationwide there's an 85 percent unemployment rate and in Arizona, I believe it's 85 percent."

Three years later, his mission is going strong. About 70 percent of the staff has developmental disabilities. 

"I have learned quite a bit here, for example, I learned how to properly run a register, I learned how to properly hand out food, clean up the tables, mop down the place, I've learned a lot of useful skills to use in the future," said Oliver Kinmartin.

Oliver Kinmartin was hired last August. Receiving his first paycheck was a big moment. 

"It felt amazing, I felt like I did a job right," said Kinmartin.

"Having a mission life we have connected to this business makes me want to get up and work harder because we're creating opportunities for people who may usually not get those opportunities," said Chef Rieth. 

Chef Rieth says the business is a tough one. He's been going at it for 30 years, but knowing he's helping, renews his passion and pride for the job. 

"I always say I opened the doors, they're the ones that have to keep it open," said Chef Rieth. 

Since opening, Not Your Typical Deli has received some big awards, including the best chocolate chip cookie in Arizona and the best place to get a sandwich in Arizona. 

For more about Not Your Typical Deli, visit their website.