Gilbert firefighters take Valley kids back-to-school shopping

GILBERT, Ariz. (KSAZ) - It was a bit of a different day for Gilbert firefighters.

Trading in their fire engines for shopping carts, the first responders were doing a little back-to-school shopping with children who need it most.

"Once I told them that they're going to be shopping with firefighters, they were like, 'Oh my God! Is it today? Is it today?'" Robi Pooler said.

The firefighters look forward to taking the kids on the annual back-to-school shopping spree. The students are hand-picked by their school counselors and teachers.

"Obviously every year, you get to meet someone new and you get a personal touch, but those two girls are pretty sweet and watching them cruise around here with their shopping carts, they're ready to go and i'm lucky to be hanging out with them," said Josh Reynolds, a Gilbert firefighter.

The fire department and Kohl's department store gave each child a $150 gift card, plus an extra 30 percent discount at checkout.

"I'm extremely honored to be out here and help these kids get a good start to the school year," Reynolds said..

The support, firefighters say, makes all the difference, so a little shopping is just one way of giving back to the community.