Happy birthday Bess! Phoenix Zoo orangutan celebrates 40th birthday

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Fabulous and 40!

Bess, the Phoenix Zoo's favorite orangutan turns 40 today and the zoo says it's only fitting to throw a big birthday bash.

"We've been celebrating all month long, she's been getting lots of treat cakes made out of her diet and lots of presents and just a lot of fun," Amy Dietz said. "We've decorated the billick, this is their main viewing area. There's lots of decorations up. We've been putting presents out throughout the month."

When the zoo gates opened this morning, hundreds of guests filled in to join the party.

"We saw on Facebook that it was Bess' birthday, so we wanted to come see her this morning," Jessica Sconyers said.

"We have family in time and it just happened to be our favorite orangutan's birthday, so we're so excited to celebrate her," Ashley Stevenson said. "The girls love coming."

"We've heard little kids sing happy birthday to Bess walking around... yeah, that's been really fun," Sconyers said.

The zoo says, with today's turnout for her extra special day, they hope this year will surely be the best year for Bess.