Headstone of youth boxing champion killed in 2013 vandalized, again

He was a rising star in the boxing world before his life was cut short. Almost four years after the death of 17-year-old Alexis Urbina-Ochoa, his family says they're having to relive the pain of his death, after someone vandalized his headstone.

"A headstone is something sacred. It shouldn't be messed with. It shouldn't be touched," said Sulem Urbina, Urbina-Ochoa's sister. "it's just not respectful."

Urbina-Ochoa was a rising star in the boxing world, and was the 2013 Youth Boxing national champion. He also had aspirations of making it all the way to the Olympics.

Those dreams. however, were cut short on September 3, 2013, when Urbina-Ochoa was beaten to death by two men. The men, who were burglarizing Urbina-Ochoa's home at the time, are now serving time for the murder.

Urbina said the headstone, which was paid for by community members after Urbina-Ochoa's death, featured a boxer in a ring, until that boxer was broken off. Sadly, this isn't the first time this has happened, as someone reportedly vandalized the headstone in the same way, in 2016.

"He's gone," said Urbina. "He doesn't suffer. He doesn't feel anything. But as a family, we still miss him very much, and it hurts us to see somebody hurt his headstone that way."

At this time, members of Urbina-Ochoa's family said they are debating on whether or not to rebuild the headstone for a second time, as they fear it could be vandalized again.

Anyone with information should call Phoenix police.