Heat may be responsible for Phoenix woman's car window shattering

A Valley driver found out, in a hard way, that the Valley's summer heat can take a toll on car windows, and even the tiniest chip or crack can spell disaster.

For Jasmine Berthold, her car's rear window basically exploded.

"We heard a loud pop, and i looked in my mirrors and my windshield was shattered," said Berthold.

Berthold was driving in her car with her boyfriend when her car's rear window shattered. She thought she was being shot at.

"I was scared," recounted Berthold. "I ducked and i just thought the worst."

It was not a gunshot, thankfully, but her car was a victim of the strong Arizona sun.

"When your car is just sitting there and all your windows are rolled up, the guy who replaced it told me to roll my windows down," said Berthold.

While the heat itself is not going to shatter a windshield, Michelle Donati with AAA said it can cause havoc for a piece of glass that may already have some damage.

"If you do have existing damage to any glass on the vehicle, it can further damage that, cause chips or cracks to spread or potentially even worse," said Donati.