Hiker found dead on Phoenix trail

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - A hiker was found dead at Deem Hills Recreational Park near 55th Avenue and Happy Valley Road Sunday afternoon.

Witness Miles Strunk was taking his usual hike when he found the man facedown on the path.

"I got about 15 minutes in the trail and I look over to my left," Strunk said. "I see a man face down in the rocks - I knew at that point it was really bad."

Strunk called 911 and firefighters arrived to find the man dead.

"It's unknown right now how he became deceased," said Rob McDade from Phoenix Fire. "He did have a water bottle with him. It looks like he was going down the trail."

McDade said his family had been looking for him.

"Family members did make contact with us in the parking lot," McDade said. "He does this trail often. He was alone and did not come back at his expected time."

The victim has been identified as 47-year-old Kevin Lurito.