Home Frank Lloyd Wright built for his son was donated to the school Wright founded

One of America's best-known architects, Frank Lloyd Wright, would have been 150 years old on Thursday, and in honor of the late architect's birthday, a phoenix home that Wright created for his son was donated to the architecture school that Wright founded.

The 1952 home will now benefit the School of Architecture at Taliesin, previously known as the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. The donation of the home was announced Thursday. In honor of the famous architects birthday, tours of the school were given for $1.50.

Fred Prozzillo, Director of Preservation for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, said Wright started coming to Arizona in 1937, in order to escape the Wisconsin winters.

"It's really a point of pride for Arizona that Wright came here, and selected Arizona to be his location for his laboratory," said Prozzillo, who went on to say that Wright got his inspiration from the landscape.

"He would go out and observe nature and look at plants, maybe look at how, say, a saguaro cactus supports itself, and then learn from it and incorporate it into his work," said Prozzillo.