Investigation underway following deadly officer-involved shooting in El Mirage

On a day when valley officers paid their final respects to Phoenix Police Commander Greg Carnicle, El Mirage Police say they were forced to shoot a man who confronted officers Tuesday afternoon.

According to reports, the shooting happened in an area northeast of the intersection of Cactus and El Mirage Roads. Police officials say the suspect lost his life, and no officers were hurt.

“They responded to a report of an individual that was threatening suicide, had contacted a few different people in the neighborhood," said Lt. Tim Mason.

The suspect reportedly had 2 knives, El Mirage Police say, that two officers attempted to use a taser on.

Mason explained what happened, “They asked him to drop the knives, repeatedly, multiple times. The individual was aggressive, was moving about through the street. At one point, one of our officers deployed their taser. Initially the taser appeared to be effective, but the individual had not let go of those knives. At one point or another, the taser became ineffective. the deceased individual stood up and threw a knife at one of our officers.”

It was then that one officer open fire, fatally wounding the man. It was a graphic scene as neighbors looked on. Officers aren’t sure why he was suicidal but say they do know who he was.

“You know I can tell you that we have had some contact with him in the past. I can’t speak to the specific contact at this point but we have had contact with him,” Mason said.

After all is said in done, this isn't a situation any law enforcement agency has to face.

“We see a lot of bad things in this line of work, and we really just wish that none of it would happen but the reality of it is that we have to come in and deal with it,” Mason expressed.