LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON: Father and son both working as APS linemen

Sunday is Father's Day, and one Valley father and son duo will be spending it together, on call and ready to spring into action.

Both Dylan Hrober and his father, Shane, are APS Linemen. It's a job that has, in a sense, become a family tradition.

The road to Dylan becoming an APS Linemen began during a bad monsoon storm back in 1996. As a little boy, Shane was enamored as he watched his father at work.

"We were parked on the opposite side of the street watching them," said Dylan. "He had no clue that we were really there, and it was like a monkey at that point. It was just cool to watch someone be able to walk on wood."

As an APS Lineman, working fast and without fear was the Shane's mission. He had to do what it takes to get the power back on.

"It was like a little kid that sees a fire truck for the first time," said Dylan. Now 24, Dylan is a year away from finishing his APS apprenticeship, and he is quite literally following in his father's footsteps.

"You go out on a crew and the crews are telling me, 'hey, little Grober was just here,'" said Shane, who is a Supervisor for APS Transmitter Maintenance.

When Dylan graduates from the lineman program in May 2018, Shane will hand Dylan his diploma. That is an accomplishment that was inspired by the man Dylan had always hoped to become.