Make-A-Wish Foundation sends 2 Arizona kids to Disney World

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - Each year, the Make-A-Wish Foundation hand picks more than 50 children from around the world and sends them where all dreams come true.

This year, two Arizona "wish" kids, 7-year-old Kinsley and 4-year-old Luke, boarded a special flight to Disney World -- their one true wish.

Luke has a rare, metabolic disease called Hunter's Syndrome. He's one of 500 boys in the U.S. battling this terminal illness.

"He got diagnosed whenever he was two and a half and we ended up doing a stem cell transplant at Duke University to give us a few more years with him and he's just been a rock star ever since!" said Michaelann Heft, Luke's mother.

Luke loves all things Disney, and that's why this trip will be one he and his family will cherish forever.

"He loves Disney, I mean he watches Disney non-stop, I mean I think I know every theme song there is out there! (laughs)" Heft said.

Little Kinsley has been on a long journey with Leukemia.

"Now she's just doing bi-monthly checkups and she's doing phenomenal," said Jessica North, Kinsley's mother.

Now, she can't wait to freeze things like her favorite character, Elsa from "Frozen."

"It feels... it's hard to take in," North said. "It's just great that we're over the hump and we're doing more positive and we're just excited to keep moving forward."