Man accidentally invited to Vermont bachelor party gets ready for the trip

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Remember Will Novak, the man who accidentally invited to a stranger's bachelor party in Vermont? On Thursday, he is getting ready for what will likely be an unforgettable experience.

Novak was accidentally invited to the bachelor ski party, due to a simple typo. The invitation was actually meant for a Will Novak who lives in New York, but he has decided to join in on the fun anyways. Now, Novak is set to board a plane to Vermont, to meet complete strangers

It was just a week ago when Novak received a random invitation that read: Angelo's Bachelor Ski Party. After he replied saying the invite must be a mistake, Angelo's friends kept the invitation open to him anyways.

Novak, however, never thought the story would get international attention. Novak's say the groom-to-be still doesn't have clue of what exactly is going on.

After the story went viral, Novak has been receiving lots of goodies for his trip, and his neighbors have chipped in as well.

The one thing novak may be a bit nervous about is skiing. After attempting to ski about two decades ago, he's now ready to give the slopes another go around.

Novak put up a GoFundMe page for $750 To cover his trip. He's now close to hitting $4,000. Novak says he plans on giving Angelo and his bride-to-be the rest of the money.