Man who helped to rescue injured hiker near Tonto Creek speaks out

Arizona is heating up, which can be bad news for people still trying to get outdoors and brave the elements.

Recently, a group of hikers stumbled upon a man who had been injured in Tonto Creek for two days, and may have saved his life.

"So, we just randomly chose this canyon," said Brandon Dubuc.

Dubuc and his group of hikers took a canyoneering trip near Tonto Creek over Memorial Day weekend. Rappelling down the rock faces was going great, until they made a shocking discovery.

"So, we get down to the last rappel of 100 feet, and we hear 'help! Help!'" Dubuc said.

The group made it to the bottom, and found a person in desperate need of help.

"He was over off to the side and, he crawled up on a rock, that was all the energy he had. He said he was stranded down there, disoriented from hiking," said Dubuc.

Out of cell phone range, the group had two options: try and carry the man out, or quickly leave and call for help. They left him with their supplies of food and water.

"There’s no way we could’ve carried this guy out," said Dubuc. "Even Search & Rescue had to helicopter this guy out."

We confirmed through a relative that the man is at home and recovering after a helicopter extraction. It might not have been the case if it wasn't for Dubuc and others.

"Nobody would've found him," said Dubuc. "He would've been down there, eventually maybe made it out, but most likely would've succumbed to the elements."

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