MCSO: Deputy fatally shot dog after attacking K-9 in Youngtown

YOUNGTOWN, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Maricopa County officials say a dog in Youngtown was shot Saturday night after it attacked an MCSO K-9.

Officials had responded to a call about a fight on 111th Avenue and Peoria. A man, who was part of the argument, had ran out of the home. When deputies went to confront him, a pitbull came out of the backyard and attacked Tarzan, the MCSO K-9, officials say.

Deputies say the K-9 handler tried to separate them, but the pitbull was "latched on" to the police dog. The handler, "having run out of options," fatally shot the dog.

Tarzan suffered puncture wounds to the chest and was taken to the vet for care.

However, the family that owned the dog has their own side of the story.

"They came out with guns drawn," said Suzette Klein, the homeowner. "The dog just looked at them. Didn't bark, didn't growl, didn't lunge. [The handler]...commanded his dog to go after mine."

MCSO reported that they were called to the Klein home twice Saturday evening.

Klein said it was because of a dispute she was having with her son. The first time deputies arrived, he was gone, and called again when he returned.

The woman said she had warned the officer that their pitbull was in the yard and asked that he wait until the dog was removed.

She said the officer continued to run down the alleyway to look for her son.

"I heard 3-4 gunshots going off," Klein said.

Klein said she could not imagine her dog acting in the way that police had described.

"He's never, ever done anything," said Klein. "These kids crawl all over [his] eyes, ears, he would never even flinch."

Klein said there was only one lesson she learned that night.

"I will never, ever call 911 again," she said.

"Now I've got grandkids who are scared of the police," said Klein. "Who are they gonna go to for help?"