More women, democrats and young people voted in Tuesday's primary

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KSAZ) - More women, democrats and younger voters either voted Tuesday or mailed in an early ballot, making election officials say this election year could be an interesting one.

"They're engaged, democrats are engaged in this state right now," said Garrett Archer, Senior Election Analyst with the Arizona Secretary of State.

According to Archer, after the primary election some interesting trends are on the rise involving younger voters and women.

"Even though we don't have all the votes cast we are still projecting that we are going to have the highest amount of votes cast ever in any Arizona August primary and probably record turnout as well," said Archer.

Archer says part of the turnout could be because so many candidates for both sides of the parties are running for open spots, something that didn't always used to happen.

"This year the difference between the parties is only 11 points, that's the most narrow it's been since I went back to 1994," said Archer.

The majority of the people Fox 10 spoke to say they voted Tuesday.

"I just thought it was really important to go out and have a voice," said Lauren Owens.

"Yeah I would have voted if I would have been aware of it," said Edgar Arte, who says he'll vote in the November general election.

One man who just turned of age to vote recently says he can't because he's a DACA student trying to become a citizen, but he looks forward to voting someday.

"You see different changes and you can't say anything or I want this to happen but you can't really do anything about it," said the DACA student.

Archer says usually when there's a narrow gap in the primary, the gap will be even closer in the general election.