Mother of Wittmann boy who went missing arrested, charged with child abuse

A mother and her boyfriend were arrested and charged with child abuse after the mother's 11-year-old son went missing on Sept. 8 in Wittmann.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office says 11-year-old Jacob Huggins went missing from his home and was believed to have been last seen with his mother, Jamie Sanchez. Jacob's grandfather, Charles Mathews , told deputies that the boy was missing.

After an initial inspection of the home, deputies found that the screen door had been cut and a small suitcase was missing, which suggested that Jacob left the home on his own. Mathews told authorities he believed that Jacob was with his mother, who had lost all rights to her son.

After being questioned by deputies, Jamie Sanchez denied she had any knowledge of her son's disappearance, but as a condition of her probation for an unrelated charge, deputies checked her ankle monitor. The monitor revealed she was outside Mathews' home the night Jacob went missing.

Additional information on the monitor revealed that Sanchez had traveled to a golf course where her boyfriend, Antonio Nuno, worked.

After a further investigation, Jacob told deputies that her mother and her boyfriend had orchestrated a plan for him to run away.

Sanchez and Nuno where booked into jail and charged with child abuse and custodial interference.

Jacob was reunited with his grandparents.