Murder for hire plot: police say valley man tried to hire hits on 5 people

A valley man with self-proclaimed ties to the mob is accused of wanting five people dead, and trying to hire a hitman to kill them.

The murder scheme has the makings of a twisted crime drama. Police say it involves the mafia, demands for millions and diamonds, and undercover detectives hired for murder.

According to court records, the motive is revenge.

The mastermind behind the elaborate murder-for-hire plot, according to court documents, is 46-year-old Mikhail Kordonsky from Scottsdale.

The documents say that the suspect met with undercover detectives and wanted to murder five victims. According to the undercover detectives, the first victim is a real estate CEO.

Kordonsky told them he wanted to kidnap the CEO and hold him for ransom, and that he wanted to be paid $10 million in diamonds. The detectives asked the suspect what would happen if he didn't get the diamonds from the victim.

The suspect allegedly said, "A .22 to the back of the head."

According to the documents the suspect wanted revenge after the victim won a $1.2 million lawsuit.

Police say the suspect claimed he had ties to the mafia and to Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, a famous member of the Gabino crime family. Gravano is currently being held in an Arizona prison.

The paperwork says the suspect asked for guns and silencers.

Kordonsky's plan allegedly involved watching the victim, getting to know his habits, family, and friends.

When detectives told the victim about the plan, the records say the victim was terrified for his and his families safety.

Kordonsky is facing one count of conspiracy to commit murder.