Natural Grocers to open 2 more AZ stores

Some shoppers in the Valley will have new options when it comes to grocery shopping. Natural Grocers is opening two locations in Arizona. The stores offer healthy food options, and there is an on-site nutritionist to help customers make healthy food choices.

The store is moving into one location where Fresh and Easy moved out.

"Our customers want to come in and find something new on the shelf, just because you're eating healthy doesn't mean it's boring," said Jessica Phillips.

So what sets these stores apart from the rest? Each store has a full-time nutritional health coach on staff. The store also offers free nutrition classes for customers.

"Customers can come in and get a one on one personalized health coaching session with me, and that is all free of charge," said Lauren Vorisek.

Last year the family-run grocery store based out of Colorado offered 3,000 free nutrition classes.

"If you ever wanted to come see a nutritionist but were intimidated or cost has been a factor we're really trying to eliminate those issues that might prevent people from reaching their health goals and getting to that place where they want to be," said Vorisek.

Through the month of June, the stores will host a series of health fairs. The shelves will be stocked with a mix of brands and locally produced products from Arizona.