New flag flying over the American Legion Post

After a monsoon storm had swept through parts of the Central Valley, many residents were left to pick up the pieces.

One of those bigger pieces was raised at the American Legion Post on 7th Avenue.

Big may be an understatement, the American Flag outside of Post #1 was 30 feet x 60 feet long, that's why when it was ruined by the storm it was missed almost immediately. But thanks to some FOX 10 viewers old glory is flying again.

For the past nine days, something has been missing on 7th Avenue.

"We started hearing it from day one that people were really disappointed that the flag was down, the phone started ringing off the hook," said Patrick Mays.

Last week's monsoon not only caused damage and left thousands without power, but it also robbed this American Legion post of it's most important symbol.

"Everybody says just turn down the street where the big American flag is, then take your first left and then you'll find us, so it's a huge landmark for people," he said.

One of those people is Tracey Garrity.

"You know my daughter lives in California, we go in and out, you know come from the west all the time," said Tracey Garrity.

But Tracy also has another family connection to the American Legion flag; her beloved grandfather, a member, and past commanding officer.

"So I saw an opportunity to make a donation in his name and honor his years of service and patriotism," said Garrity.

Along with several other donations, Tracy's contribution helped replace the towering symbol and says now the stars and stripes just mean a little bit more.

"I'll be able to see it now, when we're coming in and know that that flag is flying in my grandfather's honor, I think that's really neat," she said.

Members say the flag is currently at half-staff, and will remain there out of respect until after September 11. Post #1 is one of the oldest in the country, established the same year as the group in 1919.