New state-of-the-art tracking device tracks stolen cars easily

A new tool is making it harder for car thieves and easier for law enforcement to catch them.

It fits in the palm of your hand and can go anywhere in your vehicle.

And when Chad Nuckles got a call that one of his clients, a valley car dealership owner, had one of their trucks stolen, he didn't panic because of the new tracking device.

"Our SWAT GPS tracking unit. It's cell phone and GPS capable. It's got a 30-day backup battery, so if the thief cuts the power to the vehicle, we can still track the vehicle for approximately 30 days," Nuckles said.

Nuckles' business is knowing the direction of criminals, like the one joy-riding in a brand new dodge ram 1500 Rebel 4X4.

"We tracked him through four jurisdictions, we kept losing them because they would go onto reservation property, into highway patrol, into county," Nuckles said.

Eventually the suspect pulled into Wild Horse Pas Casino and even had the guts to valet the truck. That's when Nuckles and law enforcement were able to make their move.

"They actually took their valet ticket to redeem it and have their brand new Ram 1500 Rebel 4x4 brought back to them. It was brought back to them with three officers, the suspect in handcuffs, and we were able to recover the $55,000 stolen vehicle to the dealership," Nuckles said.

With the criminal behind bars, and his client happy, Nuckles says it doesn't matter the situation when it comes to this tracking device. You can run, but you can't hide.

"We recover vehicles every day, all across North America, Mexico, wherever they may be. Shipping containers heading for Poland, we're going to find them," Nuckles said.

If you're interested in SWAT, check out SouthWest Dealer Services' website.