Off-duty Phoenix Police officer left gun inside city library at Chandler's Hamilton High School

A gun was reportedly left inside a restroom at a City of Chandler library at Hamilton High School.

According to a brief statement by police, the handgun belonged to an adult male, who forgot the weapon inside a restroom stall. The gun, according to the statement, was later found by a student, who reported it to a school library staff.

Police officials said a Chandler Police School Resource Officer (SRO) later responded to secure the weapon. The owner, who was not identified, later returned to recover the weapon.

Chandler Police said after an investigation, they have determined that no crime was committed. The gun, according to police, was found on public property. According to statements from Chandler Police and acting Hamilton High School principal Chris Farabee, the gun belonged to an off-duty police officer with the Phoenix Police Department.

According to officials with Phoenix Police, Chandler Police has notified Phoenix Police about the incident, and incidents of this nature are sent to the Professional Standards Bureau for review.