Over 80 units closed after Phoenix apartment fire

Dozens of people were forced out of their homes overnight, after a two-alarm ripped through their apartment complex laundry room.

It happened in Phoenix near Camelback and 40th Street.

"At one point you could see the flames just shooting out, and we didn't know where that was coming from," said Ander Goldfine.

More than 80 units at the Capri Apartments were evacuated when a fire started in the laundry room at the complex. Firefighters quickly called out a second alarm, which brought in dozens of crews to fight the fire, and rescue people from their homes.

Everyone got out safely, but one of the buildings in the complex remains closed because of smoke and water damage.

"Most of the smoke and water damage was very minimal on this incident, the fire was contained to the laundry room and put out rather quickly because it was so contained," said Phoenix Fire Captain Mark Vanacore.

The power remains shut off to the damaged building, because of that, 84 apartments were evacuated.

"It's good to hear that nobody was really hurt, and that is the most valuable thing that we have is our health, I mean your furniture, and your clothes and stuff can be replaced," said Kuorosh Farrokh.

Red Cross volunteers have responded to the complex and are offering residents help.

The Phoenix Fire Department says there were no injuries from the fire, except that one person was treated at the scene for smoke inhalation.